4Care Tastifit Non-Dairy Cooking Cream is dairy cream substitute for cooking your healthy and delicious cream soups, white sauces and desserts

  • Slightly sweet & creamy milky taste
  • No Cholesterol
  • Dairy-free; can be used in vegetarian dishes
  • 30% less fat compare to dairy whipping cream
  • 80% less in saturated fat
  • High in Vitamin E

18 months shelf life / Available at Makro and Lemon Farm

4CARE Tastifit – Non-Dairy Cream

What is 4CARE TASTIFIT Non-Dairy Cooking Cream? Why is it good?

4CARE TASTIFIT Non-Dairy Cooking Cream is a healthy cooking cream to replace dairy cream.  While dairy cooking cream may contain cholesterol and high saturated fat, 4CARE TASTIFIT Non-Dairy Cooking Cream is much less.  4CARE TASTIFIT Non-Dairy Cooking Cream is made from rice bran oil.  Rice bran oil contains Monounsaturated fat which is good fat that helps reduce LDL cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 4CARE TASTIFIT Non-Dairy Cooking Cream is a good alternative for those who avoid dairy products and need to stay away from saturated fat.

4CARE TASTIFIT Non-Dairy Coconut cream Alternative is certified by Thailand’s Heart Foundation that it does not affect in the increase risk of cardiovascular and blood-vessels related diseases.

It is also gluten free, lactose free and soy free, suitably healthy and safe for allergic people.

Does 4CARE TASTIFIT Non-Dairy Cooking Cream contain milk?

4CARE TASTIFIT Non-Dairy cooking Cream does not contain milk or any other dairy ingredients.  It is made from rice bran oil.  The milk odor is from natural identical flavor.

How is 4CARE TASTIFIT Non-Dairy Cooking Cream different from 4CARE TASTIFIT Coconut Cream Alternative?

Both are made from rice bran oil but 4CARE TASTIFIT Non-Dairy Cooking Cream is creamier. It contains 25% healthy fat while 4CARE TASTIFIT Coconut Cream Alternative contains only 18% fat. It is suitable for rich and creamy western dishes such as soup and white sauce.

Does 4CARE TASTIFIT contain Trans fat?

No, 4CARE TASTIFIT Non-Dairy Cooking Cream is Trans fat free.

Trans fatty acid (TFA) mostly found in vegetable fat that is originally liquid then it passes through chemical reaction so called Hydrogenation process; it is a process that add hydrogen molecule into a fat molecule.  As a result, liquid form is transferred to solid and fatty acid structure is also changed to trans fatty acid.  According to the research finding, consuming trans fatty acid results in an increase in high blood cholesterol level.  This is actually worse than consuming high saturated fat.  Although, trans fatty acid is quite new for Thai people, it has been known in The US for more than 5 years.  Lately, USFDA identifies that manufactures has to declare in packaging label

4CARE TASTIFIT is not made from hydrogenated oil, so it does not have trans fat.

What if we can’t use up in one time, what should we do? Do we need to keep 4CARE TASTIFIT refrigerated? Will it get greasy solid when refrigerated?

4CARE TASTIFIT Non-Dairy Cooking Cream is produced under UHT (Ultra Heat Treatment) process meaning to product inside its packages is aseptic.  4CARE TASTIFIT is shelf stable (18 month shelf life) meaning it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. It is ready to use.

However, in case that you can’t use up in one time, you should close the opening, and keep it refrigerated at 4-6 C.  It can be reused within 10 days. To extend the product’s life, we recommended keeping it in a freezer. If it gets greasy solid, let it set and melt down at room temperature for a while and shake very well before use. If the product is spoiled, it will taste sour.