Our Thai food technologies find that Rice Germs supply even greater nutrition than a whole grain rice as it contains higher levels of vitamins, proteins, minerals and fibers.

4Care Balance: the cereal drink made from 3 kinds of grains; Thai Jasmine rice germ, wheat germ & oats. With the rice germ source, it is rich in high level of nutrients; vitamin B1-B2-E, minerals, protein, Gamma Oryzanol (antioxidants) and fiber. Balance is produced under UHT technology providing the tastefulness and naturalness in every box

Why you should adopt this drink?

  • It is low in calories: suits for people who are weight conscious.
  • It is convenient: you can take this healthy drink with you wherever you go.
  • It is value for money as it is a healthy nutritious drink at a fraction of its price.
  • It is a healthy drink that satisfies your hunger or when you can?t find the time to sit down for breakfast.
  • No refrigeration needed.
  • No preservatives.
  • No artificial color and flavor added.



36 x 180 ml. (6.11 fl.oz.) in corrugated carton
Case Dimension : 255 x 310 x 125 mm.
Case Weight : 7.1 kg.
Pallet Tie and High : TI 12 HI 9
Shelf Life : 18 months

4CARE Balance – Cereal Drink

What 4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink is made of?

4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink contains three natural ingredients from whole grains:
• Brown jasmine rice germ (Fig 1)
• Wheat germ (Fig 2)
• Oat (Fig 3)


Fig 1: Brown rice germ and its kernel | Composition of rice:
Germ 2.5%, Rice bran 8%, Rice hull 20%, and Starchy endosperm 69.5%

Brown rice is produced when paddy passes through the primary milling step to remove the hull. The germ and the bran remain, giving the rice its brown color. Rice germ and rice bran are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers.

White rice undergoes additional milling, including removing the germ and the bran. Many nutrients are lost during the extra milling steps.


Fig 2: Wheat germ and its kernel

Like brown rice, wheat germ is another excellent source of nutrients, notably antioxidants, vitamin E, and vitamin B.

รูปที่ 3: รูปข้าวโอ๊ต

Fig 3: Oats

The dietary fibers in oats – especially soluble fibers – actively improve digestive functions and help block cholesterol absorption by binding cholesterol in the intestines for elimination from the body.




Type of rice Energy (Kcal) Protein (g.) Fat (g.) Carbohydrate (g.) Fiber (g.) E (mg) Ca (mg) P (mg) Fe (mg) B1 (mg) B2 (mg)
Jasmine Brown Rice 366 7.0 2.4 79.1 2.5 0.41 27 255 3.7 0.55 0.06
Wheat Germ 381 10.8 5.9 71.2 12.3 0.45 43 28.2 6.5 0.59 0.1
Oats 414 28 9.5 54.1 11 11.3 54 901 6.8 3.03 0.74
White Rice 356 6.2 1.1 80.4 0.6 3 66 0.11 0.04

Table showing nutrition facts of brown rice, wheat germ, and oats, in comparison to white rice (100 g)

Source: Table of nutrition facts of Thai foods. Nutrition Division. Department of Health 2544


Studies like the above show that brown jasmine rice, wheat germ, and oats supply more nutrients and fibers than white rice.  4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink is your healthy food choice – replenishing your body nutrients in just one serving.

4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink contains soluble dietary fiber. Why is this good?

Dietary Fibers are the non-digestible parts of plant foods. They have many varieties and functions and are classified by their functional basis of solubility:


Soluble dietary fibers are gel-like and soft when soluble in water, and can bind sugar and fat


Dietary fibers improve our digestive system by:

  • Binding cholesterol
  • Accelerating the passage of the stool through the gastrointestinal tract
  • Reducing glucose absorption in the blood (beneficial for diabetes patients)
  • Helping to prevent the absorption of carcinogenic compounds into the body and reducing the chance of carcinogens contacting the gastrointestinal tract


With their water-binding properties, dietary fibers help control weight by drawing more water into the gastrointestinal tract. This adds volume to foods in the stomach, which reduces hunger and consequently the amount of food we eat.


The benefits to the excretory system: Cellulose in plant foods stores water. The extra water increases volume and softness of the stool, helping to guard against diseases like constipation, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, and colon cancer.


The recommended adult daily intake of dietary fiber is 25 grams. For children the figure is calculated by age + 5 grams. For example, children aged 12 require a dietary fiber daily intake of 12+5=17 grams.


4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink supplies soluble dietary fibers and insoluble dietary fibers totaling

4 grams (4000 milligrams),16% of recommended daily intake. The Dietary fibers in

4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink comes purely from natural sources: brown jasmine rice germ, wheat germ, and oats. Adequate daily intake of both types of dietary fibers ensures healthy functioning of our digestive system.

Does heat cause nutrient loss or vitamin loss?

4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink undergoes strict analysis at the end of the manufacturing process to ensure accurate labeling of nutritional facts on the bottle. Vitamin B1, B2 and E experience no heat effect (except vitamin C).


4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink can be heated in a microwave with no loss of vitamins provided you do not apply a high temperature.

What is Gamma-Oryzanol?

Gamma-Oryzanol is a natural component in rice germ and rice bran that holds antioxidant properties in the form of vitamin E. Antioxidants stop free radicals forming – which are carcinogenic compounds known to be precursors to cancer.

Nutrition Studies show that gamma-oryzanol can reduce LDL cholesterol level in blood, keep hormones in BALANCE in postmenopausal syndrome patients, as well as reducing flushing in those patients and increasing their skin humidity.

Does 4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink contain dairy ingredients?

4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink is made from 100% plant-derived ingredients, non-dairy ingredients, and no animal-derived ingredients. So 4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink is perfect for vegetarians. The creamy aftertaste you may experience comes purely from natural fat from rice germ.

Why does 4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink earn the “Good Heart Good Health”symbol from Heart Foundation of Thailand?

4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink is approved to use the “Good Food Good Heart” symbol from Heart Foundation of Thailand under the Royal Patronage and Faculty of Public Heath, Mahidol University. The symbol is a red heart with a tick mark on it, indicating that when consumed in the recommended amount the approved product will not increase the risk of heart or cardiovascular disease – because the product is high in dietary fibers and low in sodium and sugar.

What is the shelf life of 4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink?

4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink passes through UHT sterilization and advanced “Cold Aseptic

Filling” technology developed to extend shelf life up to one year without preservatives and cold temperature storage.

Is 4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink good for children to consume?

4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink is made from all natural ingredients. Natural products are good for all ages, even for babies aged three-months and up or those starting solid food.

4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink has a distinctive flavor? What is it?

4CARE’s unique flavor comes from the rice germ and three kinds of rice. Nothing extra gets added. The flavor and color arise naturally from the pure ingredients.

Can 4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink help me lose weight?

4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink should not be considered itself as a weight loss diet, but a bottle of 4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink can help you lose weight indirectly by reducing hunger. 4CARE BALANCE contains high fibers and high carbohydrates from the rice germ which can keep you feeling full until your next meal. A popular practice for people wanting to lose weight is to consume 4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink during regular meals. 4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink has low energy per serving (Energy per serving is 90-130 kilocalories). Due to the low calories per serving you feel full longer, even up to the next meal. It’s no surprise

4CARE BALANCE Cereal Drink is gaining popularity as a breakfast or dinner food choice.

How come 4CARE BALANCE is more expensive than other drinks?

4CARE BALANCE is made from Rice Wheat and Oats from 100 % natural in the amount that can really fulfill you. That’s why you can feel the thickness of the drink.  No flavors added.  All flavors are from natural; for example Dark Choc and Black Sesame.

Added Sugar and Calories of each variance

Less Sugar Original Dark Chocolate

Black Sesame

Added Sugar in % of total ingredient 0% 3% 4% 1.5%
Calories per servings (box) 90 110 130 120